Through continued operational performance, Northern Aerospace has become a respected, fast and agile supplier to the major aerospace companies worldwide, operating on both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 basis.

Technically focused, Northern Aerospace has the capability and capacity to deliver new and innovative methods of controlling processes in line with the latest cost effective manufacturing principles. Lean operations are embedded in the manufacturing operations and philosophies of all sites.

Working closely with our customers gives us an excellent understanding of any specific requirements, enabling us to develop and implement a fully integrated solution. We design, we manufacture, we deliver.



Our UK based headquarters and manufacturing facility offering advanced long bed machining services.


UK based facility offering advanced short bed and medium bed machining services (up to 18m).


Machining facility based in UK offering hard metal machining and tactical support.


Our Deeside facility primarily houses the regional distribution centre, but also includes a dedicated and customer focused CAD design facility with a  team of trained and accredited design personnel.

Example Products/Packages

  • Long-bed machining
  • Wing ribs
  • Wing spars
  • Wing stringers
  • Inter-spar ribs
  • Prismatic machined parts
  • Anodising treatments

Example Products/Packages

  • Avionic rack systems
  • Horizontal tail spars
  • Vertical tail spars
  • Mid rear spars, ribs and stringers
  • Landing gear brackets
  • Inner wing butt straps

Example Products/Packages

  • Front Spar
  • Spar Details
  • Landing Gear
  • Machining

Example Products/Packages

  • Concept primary structures design
  • Component detail design
  • Stress and mass analysis
  • Project management



A precision component manufacturing facility in South East Poland, producing smaller high quality precision parts.


Manufacturing facility in south eastern Poland offering low cost capabilities covering sheet-metal fabrications and sub-assemblies.

Example Products/Packages

  • Vertical machining
  • Centre less Grinding
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CMM

Example Products/Packages

  • Overfin
  • Fin leading edge
  • Airbrakes
  • Seat rails
  • Aileron tabs
  • Rudder tabs
  • Dorsal intake fairing
  • Ventral fairing


LocationMachineQtyYearRe-builtTypeControlNo.Spindle TaperSpindle SpeedHPX Axes mmY Axes mmZ Axes mmA DegsB DegsC Degs
ConsettSNK - PM-6B12000GantryFanuc3ISO 5010,0004018,0003,150711+/- 25+/- 25-
ConsettSNK - PM-6B12000Twin GantryFanuc6ISO 5010,0004036,0003,150711+/- 25+/- 25-
ConsettSNK - PM-6B12003Twin GantryFanuc6ISO 5010,0007554,0003,150711+/- 25+/- 25-
ConsettSNK PS-3B12003GantryFanuc1ISO 5010,000758,0002,000600+/- 25+/- 25-
ConsettMazak AJV30/8011995Vert. M/C CentreMazatrol M321ISO 5010,000352,000800508---
ConsettMazak S630-H11995Hor. M/C CentreMazatrol M321ISO 5010,000251,000800750-360-
ConsettSNK PM-6B12007GantryFanuc3ISO 5010,0007522,0003,150711+/- 25+/- 25-
ConsettSNK PM-6B12007GantryFanuc3ISO 5010,0007532,0003,150711+/- 25+/- 25-
LlantrisantSNK PM-6A11999GantryFanuc 15MB3ISO 506,0003018,3002,150*711+/- 25+/- 25-
LlantrisantSNK HPS-4B21999Hor. ProfilerFanuc 16MC1ISO 5015,0004010,0582,032762+50/-90-+/-270
LlantrisantSNK HPS-120B32001-03Hor. ProfilerFanuc 15iMA1BBT5015,000403,0481,220762+45/-90-+/-270
LlantrisantSNK HPS-120B22005-06Twin Pallet, Hor. ProfilerFanuc1BBT5015,000403,0481,220762+45/-90-360
LlantrisantSNK RB2N11998Vertical Twin PalletFanuc 18M1ISO 506,000302,5001,5001,000---
LlantrisantSNK PC120V11998VerticalFanuc 16MISO 506,000403,2501,2201,000+/- 25+/- 25-
LlantrisantSNK PC60V11998VerticalFanuc 16M1ISO 506,000201,524660457+/- 25+/- 25-
LlantrisantMATSUURA 900H21998Hor. M/C CentreFanuc 16iM1BT 5012,00025920720760-360-
LlantrisantCincinatti Lancer11999Hor. M/C CentreAcramill A21001HSK-63A15,000402,032762770+/-40+/-40-
LeicesterSNK PM6ASP11997GantryFanuc 15M3ISO 504,0003018,3002,150*711+/-25+/-25-
LeicesterSNK PS-5B11999Skin MillFanuc 16MC1ISO 5010,0005012,0002,600600+/- 10+/- 10-
LeicesterSNK HPS-4B11999Hor. ProfilerFanuc 16MC1ISO 5015,0004010,0582,032762+50/-90-+/- 270
LeicesterSNK CMV-15012000V/HT/ColumnFanuc 15MB1ISO 505,000202,0001,5291,500+30/-120-0360
LeicesterSNK PC60V11998VerticalFanuc 15MB1ISO 506,000201,524660457+/-25+/-25-
LeicesterMATSUURA MC10001996Ver. M/C CentreYasnac1BT4015,000151,020510510---
LeicesterMARWIN MAX-E-MILL12003VerticalAB 86002ISO 504,000301,5241,524610---
LeicesterMARWIN MAX-E-MILL11995Hor MillAB 86001ISO 504,000202,4381,524762-360-
RzeszowHaas VF 1-D12007Vert. M/C CentreHaas1-7,50020508406508-+/-90-
RzeszowHaas SL20 SE 412007Turning CentreHaas1---508262 Dia----
RzeszowFADAL 15-2011994Vert. M/C CentreFadal1-4,00015500400500---